The Game of True Champions

One run.... one kick... one chance to be a champion.

For Major Hollenbeck, today couldn't come any sooner.

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna do it right now," says Hollenbeck.

Football is major's favorite sport and Ray Lewis is his favorite player... and dancer.

"Slide to your left and slide to your right. Jump up and scream!!!"

Today major is paired another linebacker, and he's already hoping Jake will teach him one very specific play...

"To blitz. I dare you Jake! We're gonna do the blitz!"

His energy is contagious and as the players line up, the excitement builds.

"He's just ready to go out and dance and do his thing, right?" Says Jake Yarbrough.


"That a boy!"

As the game begins, Major and Jake become one team, both united for one cause.

"You tackled him! You did Ray Lewis. Do the Ray Lewis dance real quick, come on, show em what you got," says Yarbrough.

With every play, major showed more than just skills. He reminded us what real sportsmanship is all about.

"Yay!!! He made a touchdown!!!! You did it man! Good job man!"

And it's all for one man...

"My dad is always taking pictures of me"

Pictures of his son playing cheering in complete happiness.

"He gets to be like the kids he watches every Friday night. He gets to come down the staircase, run through the helmet, it means the world to him," says Rick Hollenbeck.

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