The Last Kennedy Portrait Developed Years Later

Published 11/21 2013 07:00PM

Updated 11/21 2013 10:47PM

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the of the assignation of President Kennedy, in 1963, many are looking back on that day, nov. 22nd 1963.

The Jones County District Attorney, Joe Edd Boaz is also looking back, but he is looking back through the lens of a photographer, who may have shot one of the last portraits of Kennedy before his assignation.

It's a picture that few people have seen until now, and it's only visible now because the photographer who took the picture was finally courageous enough to develop the roll of film 17 years after Kennedy's assassination.

He introduced us to the letter the photographer, Kenneth Spell, wrote to Kennedy's mother, Rose Kennedy, 17 years after the picture was taken, when he finally developed that roll of film.

Jones County attorney Joe Ed Boaz is ready a letter....

"It says,"

As Mr. Boaz prepares to read the letter the photographer wrote,

"Dear Mrs. Kennedy, I was present at the breakfast at the Texas Hotel in Fort Worth Tx. on November 22nd, 1963, and I made the enclosed photograph of your son, about three hours prior to his tragic death."

It was written in 1979, because as Boaz said,

"The assassination impacted him so profoundly, he didn't want to develop the negatives, but he finally found the courage to do it, and saw how good it was, and he made two prints."

He added,

"he gave one to my sister, who gave it to me as a christmas present in 1979, and he made one other print that he gave to Rose Kennedy."

Boaz' sister, was a friend of the photographer and he new Boaz would appreciate the photo.

He went on reading the letter,

"his loss was an enourmouse personal tragedy to me and to our nation, but I hope that this photograph will be of comfort to you in your loss.'

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