The Unknown Dangers on the Tracks

The recent accidents in Canada and West have many wondering if such a tragedy could occur here in the Big Country.

Trains run through the center of Abilene on a regular basis and could be carrying hazardous chemicals.

The local emergency planning committee held a meeting Thursday afternoon to discuss disaster prevention.

David Crymes, Chairman of the Committee, says they have jumped into prevention mode but are unable to fully prepare with out knowledge of the chemicals trains carry. He says Union Pacific Railroad has been "uncooperative" in providing them with the necessary reports.

Union Pacific Railroad Media Director, Raquel Espinoza, tells us "While we cannot release this information for safety and security reasons to the general public or various organizations, we do work directly with the fire departments. I'm not sure the Abilene Fire Department has recently reached out with concerns."

For now, emergency planners will continue to plan for the worst with the information they do have.

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