The Western Observer Celebrates 130 Years

The paper was originally called The Jones County Observer then The Western Enterprise and finally a combination of the two: The Western Observer. It has been owned by numerous people throughout the years and it's most recent owners have owned it for seven years. For them it's something they are so passionate about, nothing will stand in the way of it's publication.

"We decided to have the baby at home. And I would have a contraction and stop and build a little bit of the paper and go back, have another contraction, build a little bit of the paper. The whole time my husband was saying, 'You've got to get this paper out because I can deliver it, I can't build it," says Tiffany Waddell, co-owner of the newspaper.

Mrs. Waddell tells us she plans on owning the paper for years to come and hopes one day she can pass it on to her children.

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