Truckers Forced to Delay Work Due to Icy Conditions

Published 11/23 2013 11:14PM

Updated 11/24 2013 11:01PM

Driving on slick, icy roads can be dangerous but when you're behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, caution is the name of the game.

Truckers are forced to take a break from driving because of icy roads and in turn, add time to their trip. In Tye, several truck drivers are chipping away at their windshields in hopes to avoid another freeze.

"I'm heading back out there because of the weather," Anthony Harmon, a truck driver said. "I don't want to get stranded here."

The idea of staying overnight isn't an option to many drivers. The risk of being out on the road means dealing with drivers that may get in an accident.

"I have to slow down because you have drivers that doesn't know anything about trucks," Ramon Vera, a trucker driving from El Paso to Georgia said.

While the current road conditions might cause some drivers to proceed with caution, there are others who aren't phased.

"There are spots on a few bridges but other than that, I haven't seen anything other water," a trucker adds. "Slow down and take you time."

The Texas Department of Transportation advises people to stay indoors and avoid unnecessary driving.

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