Two schools in different states unite to help with Harvey relief


VALERA, Texas (KRBC) - The gift of giving continues in the Big Country.

Students at Panther Creek High School in Valera, Texas, just south of Coleman, have also started collecting items to be sent to the Texas coast an they are not doing it alone!

They are getting help from some new friends on the east coast..

Panther Creek High School in the Big Country, shares a name with another Panther Creek High School, in Cary, North Carolina.

Their common name brought the two schools together to help our neighbors in need.

"The athletic director for Panther Creek, in Cary, North Carolina, called this morning and wanted to talk to the student council advisor," Student Council Advisor Brinn Ball said.

Ball said all thanks to a Facebook post made on Monday.


"Their student council and their student body of over 3,000 students, is interested in partnering up with our student council to help collect supplies for the Hurricane Harvey relief effort," Ball said.

The Catamounts at Panther Creek High School, in North Carolina, have now set up an Amazon account for their community and anyone wanting to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, to be able to purchase certain items on Amazon. The items will then be shipped to Panther Creek High School in Valera.

"In Texas, we're very patriotic, so it means a lot. I like to help my family as I like to say," Student Council Secretary Haley Barnett said.

"It just feels so good to help out with something like this, I mean you don't get to do something like this everyday and, I mean, it's just so tragic and the feeling of getting to help somebody else, it's really great.," Student Council President Avery Ball said.

All the supplies donated to each school will be sent to the people on the Texas coast., who need them most,

"The response from the community, already in our small, little area, has been overwhelming and with the efforts that North Carolina is going to is just very moving," Brinn Ball said. "Shout out the the Catamounts. We thank y'all so much!"

Anyone can buy items on the Panther Creek Amazon wishlist.

The Catamounts will be closing their Amazon effort on Sunday. Our local Panthers will be closing their drive this Friday.

If you would like to be a part of this and donate, click here.

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