Two Years Later, Searchers Walk in Hailey Dunn's Last Known Footsteps

Published 12/27 2012 10:22PM

Updated 12/27 2012 10:51PM

Several searchers and volunteers who have helped since Hailey Dunn went missing retraced her last steps.

They all met in front of Dunn's former home in Colorado City.

That's where the walk began.

From her balcony they continued to where her dad, Clint Dunn used to live.

That's one of the locations witnesses told police they last saw Hailey.

From there they walked to the second location people say they saw her, across the street, to a friend's house.

It was a 20 min. walk full of silence, a few tears and plenty of prayer.

No one expected to have to be there again, to once more have to say a prayer, or light another candle.

But, two years later Hailey Dunn is still missing and search volunteers haven't given up.

"For us searchers its just kind of a rejuvenation of hope," said Kristy Lloyd, a volunteer searcher.

For a second time they're walking in her footsteps.

Retracing the places  the 13 year-old was last seen before she went missing.

Leaving behind orange rose petals.

"Orange was her favorite color so we always get orange," said Lloyd.

To mark a trail of Hailey's last known steps.

The majority of those walking didn't know her personally.

"Never being able to hold her again that's hard I can't even imagine you know losing my daughter like that so it's hard," said Melissa Lara.

Lara has since moved away from Colorado City, but that didn't stop her from returning with her daughter to say a few prayers.

"That shell be safe and that wherever she's at she's not hurt or nothing," she said.

The second time around hasn't been any easier.

"No it actually gets harder as the days go by," said Holly Jenkins, who has helped search for Dunn since she went missing in 2010.

"It means a lot to us knowing that we can definitely walk partially where she has been," said Lloyd.

So they'll keep walking and continue marking a path, hoping the next time it will be Hailey walking on it.

This time returning home.

The majority of those walking had on flip flops because many believe Dunn was wearing flip flops on the day she went missing.

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