Unemployment is Down, Job Growth is Up; Why is it Hard to Find Work?

"There's so many places around town that are hiring right now," Kristina Swartzentruber says.

So why is it so hard for some to find work?

"It's pretty frustrating," she continues.

Week, after week, it seems like the same scenario.

Swartzentruber spends countless hours filling out applications.

"I fill out the application online and then it gives you this assessment test." she explains.

One with no right or wrong answers. So ideally, the next step would be an interview, but Kristina never gets that far.

She says she has heard all sorts of reasons, some saying she is too qualified.

I ask her, "By qualified, what do you have to be to be a cashier?"

"That's what I want to know," she replies.

If it is not one excuse, she says it is another.

"And they always tell me, oh, we have a team that takes care of that and they'll look at your application and if you look like somebody that we're looking for then we'll call you back, and you never get the call," she explains.

As a mother and wife, Kristina says she tries to do everything she can to support her family, so an extra source of income would be nice.

She explains, "Help pay off some bills, maybe just have a little extra spending money for us as a family to go out and do a few more things than we do now."

As for now, she says she will not be discouraged, saying, "I still fill them out and i still call the managers and I hope one day that they'll come along and say hey, you know, we need you."

Her self-determination is what keeps her going and what she ultimately hopes will help land her a job.

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