Update: Proposed Eastland Ordinance Could Prohibit E-Cigs Sale, Use to Minors

Published 07/07 2014 10:15PM

Updated 07/21 2014 08:51PM

Update 7/21/14

Monday night, the Eastland Commissioners Court unanimously voted to pass an ordinance prohibiting the sale, use, and possession of electronic cigarettes to minors.

The new ordinance goes into effect immediately.

Original Story

This month's Commissioners Court meeting in Eastland will discuss the second and final reading of a proposed ordinance that would prohibit the sale, use, and possession of electronic cigarettes to minors.

According to Eastland City Manager, Ron Duncan, the city proposed the idea after reading the ordinance Stamford's commissioners court approved, prohibiting e-cigs to minors in May.

Since the law prohibits normal cigarette sales to minors, Duncan says it only made sense if electronic cigarettes were a part of it.

"Since normal cigarettes are banned, why would we allow an unregulated product such as an electronic cigratte be sold to minors?" Duncan asks.

In the ordinance, it lists out that nicotine is a known neurotoxing that is considered one of the most highly addictive substances available for public consumption. With that information, commissioners feel electronic cigarettes could potentially be both a health and lifestyle concern.

"We just think it is a good public policy to keep the sale of these products in the hands of adults," adds Duncan. "That is until they are of age to make responsible decisions."

Duncan points out that the ordinance intends not to target vendors or their business. Some of the businesses that sell electronic cigarettes in Eastland, the majority of which are convenience stores, say they haven't really seen a vast number of underage customers.

The final and second reading is Monday, July 21st. For the full ordinance, click on this link.

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