Veterinarian Urges Owners To Keep Pets Away From Candies

Published 10/28 2013 06:40PM

Updated 10/28 2013 07:00PM

Halloween may be a time for children to dress up and get candies, but a local veterinarian is advising owners not to forget about their pets.

Dr. Janice Price of Windmill Animal Hospital say careless mistakes can have frightening results. She sees a good amount of pets coming in the hospital for chocolate intoxication.

"We have all this candy all over the house, and if it's chocolate-based, it can be very toxic to our dogs and cats," Dr. Price said. "In fact in can kill them."

The chocolate can be highly toxic to the liver and cause seizures and palpitation of the heart. She has to enduce vomiting and treat the tremors.

"Four ounces of chocolate can kill a ten-pound dog," adds Dr. Price.

In addition, she advises owners to keep hard candy away because it can stick to the intestines. Sugar-free candy can also result in death.

Aside from consuming candies, Dr. Price asks owners to keep their dogs in kennels and cats in bedrooms far from the front door. Pets might get hit by a car or attacked by wild animals.

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