What Will be the Fate of McMurry Soccer and Swimming?

"I just didn't know what to believe. I was shocked. I thought he was lying," explains Tyler Tarango.

Right after returning from nationals, soccer captain, Tyler Tarango, first heard speculation of the men soccer team and men and women's swimming team being cut.

He says, "If they cut us and they're supposed to be bringing another team, it's going to be a women's team. Then there are going to be more female teams than there are men teams, so it's still not going to be equal. So it kind of just seems kind of sketchy in a way."

According to the sports information director, the cuts are strictly proposals that came about after an evaluation that looked at their programs compared to their peer institutions.

"For instance, the heartland conference averages 12 sports per school. The loan star averages 10 sports per school. McMurry has 19 sports and 1500 students," says Dave Beyer.

While they are trying to become more legally compliant, Beyer says the decision is not yet final.

Beyer explains, "The board has every option and ability and they could turn and do something totally different. That's one of the reasons it's a little premature to, you know, everybody start running and screaming to the exits."

Although nothing has been set in stone, just the possibility has several people upset.

One former McMurry University swimmer says, "It doesn't seem like they have a whole lot of voice and it's not giving anybody a chance really to say anything unless you have this week,  to pull it together somehow."

Which is why Tarango and his teammates have decided to start a petition. They have already collected over 400 signatures of students, faculty and parents, all supporting their cause.

"Hopefully they can maybe think about it and that's all we really want. We just want them to think about it really hard because it's affecting so many people and so many people are willing to leave now because of this," says Tarango.

To check out their petition, click this link.

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