What's the Fate of the 'Crosstown Showdown'?

Published 12/02 2013 10:16PM

Updated 12/02 2013 10:34PM

For at the least the next two years, Abilene High and Cooper High won't be in the same classification. This is the second time in six years this has been the case. The change-up is causing fans of both schools to wonder what will happen to the 'Crosstown Showdown'. After talking with district administrators and the head coaches of both teams, it seems there is little reason to worry.

For 53 years the bets have been put on the table, as the teams go head to head on the field.

"Whenever there's a rivalry game like this the records and everything go out the window," said a Cooper High football player.

And for each of the years, it's been the night Abilene High and Cooper High football fans make the most noise. But with the news released by the University Interscholastic League (UIL) today, everyone, whether sporting an Eagles or Cougars jersey, is wondering if this could be the end to the 'Crosstown Showdown'.

"I think that will continue because several years ago, we were in different conferences," said Abilene ISD Athletic Director, Jerry Gayden.

Gayden has support in his claim.

"It's important for the community," said Tom Moebes, Cooper High head football coach. "It's one that brings everybody together but at the same time, splits it up."

"We'll do everything we can to keep that game at least in non-district play," said Steve Warren, Abilene High head football coach.

Warren thinks their is a slim chance the rivalry game will be discontinued. But that still leaves room for chance.

"The only thing that I can say is 'if for some reason either them or us get put in a very large district, like a 10-team district or someting along those lines and there was no room to play, then that would be keep us from playing'," said Warren.

And if that's ever the case, fans like Abilene High parent, Ray Sanchez have a simple solution.

"I hope they rank Cooper up a little bit because this a tradition," said Sanchez. "But if not, we'll just have to find someone else to beat."

But for now, the search is inactive. It seems it'll take more than a reclassication to end the countdown clock on the largest football rivalry in the Big Country. That can be said at least for the next two years.

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