Which Roofing Company To Trust?

Published 06/27 2014 06:09PM

Updated 07/01 2014 07:59PM

"There's ways to spoof caller ID," said Steve Abel of the Better Business Bureau.

Abilene resident, Gloria McGough said she's received several calls with a local area code. "He was pushy, you know, trying to come out and let him inspect it. Well, I have caller ID, it comes up both on my phone and on the television," she said.

The name and number displayed read "Hendrick Medical" but when Gloria answered, it was not Hendrick Medical. "It was a roofer, trying to come and inspect my roof."

Gloria thought this to be strange since her home was not hit by the recent hail storm. "I didn't get any hail here, I didn't have any damage," she said to the man.

But, he insisted. "I said, we just had some little pea size, we didn't have damage," she said. "But he just kept on and on."

Steve Abel of the Better Business Bureau said its common for roofing companies to flock to areas with widespread damage.

"They're gonna go where the business is, and right now, it's half of Abilene," he said.

Most of the time, the companies are legit, and here to sell their services.

"They're gonna get a local cell phone as quickly as possible, so it's gonna look like the number is somebody from local, they're gonna lease a space," said Abel. "You know that's just common practice in this industry."

But other times, Abel said, that is not the case. "The insurance company is gonna protect you against a natural disaster, they're not gonna protect you against poor quality and dishonesty."

He recommends, you do research on your roof, what type it is, what materials to use, so you won't get overcharged. "If you're not ready to hire anyone, don't sign anything," he said. "Period, Ever, If you'r not ready to hire, don't sign."

But, if they keep calling, "I said, thank you for your time and hung up," said McGough.

And, if you've already hired someone to work on your roof, Abel said, you can post a note on your door. "A sign, by your doorbell that says, I've already hired a roofing company. You know there's lots of ways to handle it," he said.

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