Why Is Trash Next to the Can Instead of Inside?

"As you can see all down the alley, we just can't seem to keep it clean. They don't know how to put it inside the receptacles," says Earnie Randall.

It is a problem he says he has been dealing with for about a year.

He says, "Then it blows onto my property before I can even mow my yard. I have to clean it all up. I shouldn't have to."

On South 19th Street, home owners are responsible for disposing their garbage in the plastic containers located in the alley behind their houses, but Randell says that's not happening.

"As you can see, this dumpster is empty," he continues.

The trash is supposed to go inside the receptacles, however, it is ending up next to it.

Randell describes, "Dirty diapers, feces, dogs keep ripping it open."

Randell called the City of Abilene to report the problem. According to their records the city has been to the location, and they tell me the last visit they made was on Monday. The city issued a citation to one of Randell's neighbors, but Randell says it does not look like that will even stop the problem.

He adds, "I just want something to be done and it gets taken care of and stopped."

According to the city, Randell has taken the appropriate steps in trying to find a solution to the problem.

What it all boils down to is each neighbor taking responsibility and doing what they're supposed to do.

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