Would You Tell Your Boss How Much You Weigh? Or, Pay a Penalty?

How do you feel about telling your boss exactly how much you weigh?

"162 pounds, it's no secret, and I don't mind telling," Hollis Newberry said.

"That's not anyone's business," said Michael Ferrara.

"It's not really something I would want to be subjected to myself," Carol Baugus added.

Stepping onto a scale can be a little daunting for anyone. Now imagine having to put that number on a piece of paper and giving it to your employer -- and if you don't, you'll face a hefty penalty.

That's not imagination though, that's the reality for more than 200,000 workers at CVS Pharmacy's across the country starting on May 1st.

The company says it will pay for the procedure to get your weight, body fat and blood screened and it won't raise your insurance premium -- but in exchange, you have to sign a consent form saying that it's voluntary.

If you choose not to, your medical coverage will increase by $50 a month -- that's an extra $600 each year.

"I think everything everyone is trying to do now is about being healthier and being more self-conscious about what they do day to day, but that's ultimately up to the person," Ferrara said.

Thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act, many companies across the board are trying to find ways to tighten the belt on who they will cover.

People we spoke with outside the store on Buffalo Gap had mixed reactions, some saying they don't mind giving up their magic number --

"I'm not a real pushy person so it wouldn't bother me a lot, but if i though about it, it's a bit much," Baugus said.

And others saying it's a slippery slope toward invasion of privacy.

"I don't think people should be telling other people what to do," Ferrara said.  "For some people, it's a problem they don't have control over so it's not fair to them."

Whichever side of the scale you're on, there's no doubt this new policy will carry some weight.

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