Wreck on T & P Lane Between a Motocycle and a Dog

Published 07/25 2014 08:13PM

Updated 07/25 2014 08:41PM

He is going to be okay and so is the dog. This morning, there was collision between an Abilene Police motorcycle officer and a dog. The collision sent Officer Mike Ricker to the hospital and the dog to the animal shelter.

It happened at the 400 Block of T & P Lane. Jason Comacho was with the dog and said the dog in question had been following him as he was walking home.

Officer Ricker, a veteran motocyclist with Abilene Police Department, was off duty and taking his bike in for maintenance when the two collided.

Officer George Spindler; "The officer encountered an animal."

Police say the dog charged the officer's bike.

Jason Comacho says, "There was a lady in a white truck, get your #*!@ dog!"

Camacho said at first everybody thought the dog was his, but it actually wasn't. Jason Comacho says, "I told her, it's not my dog." He and the dog were detained just down the road.

Officer Mike Ricker came off the bike and was transported by ambulance to Hendrick Medical Center.

The dog was taken by Animal Control, and Officer Ricker was treated and released at the hospital. Both Officer Ricker and the dog suffered minor injuries.

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