Young Man Shares His Near Death Experience; Urges People To Not Text & Drive

"I've always had it in me to want to be a hero. When I was young I joined the military because I wanted to be a hero," says Wil Craig.

What he did not know is that dream would come to a screeching halt.

"January 5, 2008," he begins.

Four years ago Wil Craig was a junior in high school and had just enlisted in the Indiana Army National Guard. He was on his way to the movies with his girlfriend when the unthinkable happened.

He explains, "She was texting and driving at about 105 miles an hour and at that moment she sent the car into hydroplane, over-corrected twice, smashed the gas, missing the brake, throwing us into a tree at 120 miles an hour. I am dead on the scene. I died three times before my 18th birthday."

Eight weeks after going into a coma, Craig woke up.

"I can't believe I made it. Every night I look up at the ceiling and am like thank you God because I'm so grateful," Craig says.

In the eyes of his three younger brothers, Craig is now that hero he always wanted to be.

He says, "They always tell their friends, 'Hey! This is my big brother. You see that on tv? That's my big brother, what's your big brother do? My big brother's a hero.' And I feel so good I can do that for them."

With a story you have to hear to believe, Craig  is featured in documentaries and commercials to share his story, in hopes of saving someone else's life.

He says, "Hang the phone up. Don't attempt it, please don't even try. Heed my warning, please. I'm trying to save you the pain."

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