Your Safe City:The Regional Victim Crisis Center

KTAB is launching a new initiative called "Your Safe City". It is an effort by KTAB, not only to provide you with the news that is happening in Abilene, the Big Country and the Heartland, but if it involves crime, we will also try to offer you information on how to protect yourself and family from the same thing happening to you, and what do to if it does.

One of the organizations we will be working with is the Regional Victim Crisis Center. They work to prevent crime but also have a big part in helping victims of crime. We talked with the director of the RVCC and found out just how important it is for someone to have some help once they are victimized.

The mission of the RVCC is to assist victims and survivors of violent crime and work to prevent violence. "It infects the whole rest of your life and you need help to recover from that just as you do a physical blow. You need medical attention to recover from that, you need help to recover from the emotional trauma," says RVCC director Diane Dotson.

Because children often can not verbalize their feelings, it takes counselors like Monica Reid to understand what they are going through.

"The people you meet here are absolutely the best people in the world. They're highly skilled, highly trained, highly compassionate people as well as highly educated and skilled in what they do," says Diane.

Victims of crime did not choose to be victims, but here at the Regional Victim Crisis Center, once they learn how, they can choose to get past it. "Victims will tell you that you never get over it. You can get past it, but you never get over it," says Diane.

Police Department and prosecutors and other agencies often refer victims of crime to the Regional Victim Crisis Center.

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