2017 Players to Watch: Dallas Sealey

July 13th, 2017 - ACU quarterback Dallas Sealy returns to lead the Wildcat offense after starting all 10 games in 2016, and he's ready for his role leading a new team.

"We went into spring practice and offseason workouts and things like that. It was kind of a breeze," Sealey said. "I just kind of walked into it, and trying to take responsibility and have more responsibility and more accountability for myself and everyone around me and try to push everyone and just be an all around better leader."

Texas Football says he's #28 on a list of most important college players in the state. That's some nice recognition for the Wildcat, and he attributes a lot of it to hard work.

"You know obviously I have a lot of help from my teammates and coaches and stuff like that, but I mean it felt good to see that I've been giving a lot of hard work and dedicated and determined and motivated, and it's paid off a little bit that someone's seen that," Sealey said.

Sealy says the honor doesn't add any pressure to him. It just makes him want to work harder. He threw for nearly 3,000 yards with 18 touchdowns last year, and with new head coach Adam Dorrel working with the o-line, Sealy's looking forward to more protection.

"The line's working real hard," Sealey said. 

"We've got a lot of new schemes like blocking wise and we're getting some new guys to come in that'll definitely help, so I expect that to be a strength and also I think we're going to have improved run game."

With a new head coach and new stadium for the Wildcats, there's a lot of change up on the Hill, but Sealy says it's all good change.

"Just expect us to have a new work ethic," Sealey said. "A new attitude on the field and kind of just a better outlook on everything. No negative attitudes and just everything kind of having a positive aspect or outlook on everything we do. These new coaches have kind of instilled a new mindset in us."

All in all, in 2017 Dallas Sealy is looking for improvement in his team and himself.

"I just hope that we can make strides from last year. Obviously I want to have a better run game than we did last year," Sealey said. 

"I hope to be a little more accurate, we cut down our drops with the receiver, anyone catching the ball, and then overall, I think just last year we did well moving the ball at times, but I just want to be more consistent this season."

Dallas Sealy is a BCH Sports Player to Watch. 

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