AHS Conversation: Eagles stay positive

September 12, 2017 - David Robinett said, "Coach Cox, another tough loss for your football team on Friday night. The loss is one thing, and then all of the injuries that are starting to pile up on your team. How do you keep everybody positive when things seem to be going south so fast?"

AHS head coach Del Van Cox said, "Well, you've got to stay positive because it's a long season. It's next man up. It's very unfortunate for those guys that were injured, man it's just a sad deal to get injured in any sport."

Robinett said, "On Friday night, you talked about your team needed to be on the field more. How do you fix that? I'm not a coach, so what do you do to go about fixing that?"

Coach Cox said, "Well, we did a good job of being on the field, but we didn't do a good job of taking advantage of our opportunities. In the third quarter, it's 21-14. We've had the ball inside the 25 four times and on points. You've just got to make sure you maintain your focus and finish drives and get points out of them."

Robinett said, "Crosstown Showdown week. It's a week all of the players look forward to. How do you balance the fun and the work that's got to be done?"

Coach Cox said, "The excitement of this game is really big. Those kids are fighting for bragging rights. Their level of emotion and intensity is definitely up for this week."   

The Crosstown Showdown between the Abilene High Eagles and the Cooper Cougars is Friday night at Shotwell Stadium.

Abilene High is 11-2 in the last thirteen meetings.


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