AHS Conversation: Restful open week

October 31, 2017 - The Abilene High Eagles had a restful open week, and coach Cox liked what he saw from his guys.

David Robinett said, "Coach Cox, I guess the goal for open week is to rest and get better. Do you feel like you are rested, and did you get better?"

Coach Del Van Cox said, "We rested physically a little bit. Had some good work outs last week. Started our game plan at the end of last week. Just the mental strain of getting ready for a game that was a nice break. We're ready to go. We got new life and excited about our opportunity."

Robinett said, "You have a Thursday game this week. Sometimes that's a hassle because you lose a day of preparation, but it really feels like the timing is right because you had your open date prior to it."

Coach Cox said, "It happened to work out good for us with our open date. We needed an open date to get some people healthy, but we were able to go ahead and start practice last week with Keller."

Robinett said, "Now you've got a stretch where you control your own destiny. How good does that feel?"

Coach Cox said, "After all that we've been through, That's all we can ask for. We control if we make a playoff run, and we consider ourselves in the playoffs right now."


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