AHS Football: Conversation with Steve Warren

Published 10/15 2013 11:00PM

Updated 10/15 2013 11:13PM

The Abilene High Eagles look to bounce back this week after a tough loss to Midland Lee on Friday night. BCH Sports' Eric Boynton caught up with head coach Steve Warren to talk about moving forward from that loss, and the upcoming game against Lubbock Coronado.

Eric Boynton said, "A tough loss obviously on Friday night. What do you say to your guys after a loss like that and how do you pick them up again this week to get ready for this week's game?"

Steve Warren said, "The thing is, Eric, I told them after the ball game there was nothing I could say that could give them really instant gratification at that time, feeling good about their effort. Then I immediately went back to the effort that I thought they gave and felt really good about that. I felt we fought really hard to put ourselves in a position, against an undefeated team in district, to give ourselves a chance to win the game. You know, you go out there and you play your best, you play as hard as you can play and good things are going to happen. That doesn't always mean you're going to win on the scoreboard, but you can take away that feeling from a loss like that, that you did your very best."

Eric Boynton said, "Offensively it seemed like the best, if not one of the best, performances they put this year. What did they do that was so successful both in the air and on the ground?"

Steve Warren answered, "I think our offensive line had a better night than they've had in a long time. I though Derek [Scott] had plenty of time to make some good decisions, and we got our run game going, as we had not done that the previous week. Because of our offensive line's performance and Derek's good decisions, I thought our offense really was prolific Friday night."

Eric Boynton said, "This week it's a short week with a Thursday game. How does that change things for you guys getting ready to play Lubbock Coronado?"

Steve Warren said, "Things have got to happen a lot faster. You've got one less day of preparation. The other team's in the same boat. So, we as coaches need to do a great job of getting our guys ready, and get four days of work squeezed into three days and get up there and get ready to go."

The Eagles travel to Lubbock on Thursday night to take on the Coronado Mustangs.

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