AHS Football: Warren Conversation

By David Robinett | drobinett@ktab.tv

Published 10/22 2013 01:57PM

Updated 10/22 2013 07:31PM

David Robinett said, "Coach Warren, it's been a while since we've gotten to get together and talk about a win. Your guys really came through the other night and won a hard fought game. Talk about what it's like when you've got that many points being scored and it comes down to that ending."

AHS head coach Steve Warren said, "I felt good about that at the end of the game. Our offensive guys were really cheering on the defensive guys to get us one stop, and we're gonna score because they can't stop us. That confidence factor, you've really got to like that out of your offense. Now, we've got to get everybody on that confidence page, and if we do, we'll have an outstanding football team if we can do that all the way across the board."

Robinett said, "4th and 1, just a little under a minute to go in the game. Was there ever a moment that you weren't going for it?"

Coach Warren said, "In this case, the confidence that the kids were showing offensively, led me to believe that there was no way these guys will not execute the play called. We thought we'd have an opportunity to get the 1st down. We had a couple of time outs in our pocket. That was all a mute point when Derek made a great play and won it for us with a touchdown run."

Robinett said, "You are still in a must win. You guys have got to keep winning to keep this thing going."

Coach Warren said, "It's time for us to play our best football. It's time for us to put 3 phases of the game together. We showed flashes in all 3 phases that we could be really good, but there's never a better time than right at your final home game, it's Parent's Night, there's a lot of things involved. It's a big football game, so hey, let's go out there and play the best this week."

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