Albany continues history of greatness

September 28th, 2017 - The Albany Lions' success is unparalleled in the Big Country in the last 9 and a half years with just three regular season losses.

Why are they so good? Brianne went to Albany to find out.

In case you were wondering, the Albany Lions are good, and they're consistently good. Most of that is thanks to a coaching staff that has been around for a long time to say the least. That's unusual in itself.

Dax Neece said, "It starts with the coaches. They can make any team into a good team. Whether it has the best athletes or not, they always know what they're doing."

And here's something else that's unusual, the last time Albany had two losses in the regular season was back in 2007, so the success is consistent, but every team is different, so what's this year's team like?

Brian Hamilton said, "I think definitely team chemistry and being able to have senior leadership is a huge thing that's helping us out this year."

Denney Faith said, "Our seniors have done a great job, and like I say, they're best friends, so you know we spend a lot of time together in the locker room, on the football field, on the practice field, and then when you get away from here and see them downtown or something, they're still all together. That's a good thing."

The Lions do have a tough matchup this week. They play Cisco who beat Albany last season 34 to 7. Albany didn't like that too much.

Hamilton said, "We know they kicked our butts last year on our own field, and they got the best of us, so I mean we're all pretty motivated and we all know that we're going to have to work hard if we're going to compete with a team like Cisco."

According to the Harris Ratings, this is a top ten matchup. The Lions are ranked number one in Class 2A Div. II, and the Loboes are ninth in Class 3A Div.II. 

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