An Abilene Umpire is Seriously Injured After a Wild Pitch

By Kimberly Sears |

Published 06/27 2014 10:18PM

Updated 06/27 2014 10:53PM

An Abilene umpire was seriously injured during a little league game Monday night, June 23rd. The game was Wylie versus Dixie All Star.

Nathan Whitaker took off his mask during a pitcher change and went to talk to his co-official, Doug Smith. As Whitaker was walking back towards home plate a wild pitch hit him in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket.

Doug Smith says it's a sound he will never forgot.

"It sounded like a cracking bat", Smith said.

The manager of the Wylie team said after that the atmosphere at the field changed. It wasn't only hard for adults to see an injury like that but also for the children.

An umpire who was in attendance at that Monday night game helped Smith finish the rest of the game.

Smith was working a game on Friday, June 27th, which just happened to be Wylie again. And the umpire that helped on Monday is also the manager of the Eastern All Star team who was playing Wylie that night.

Smith said it was ironic that everyone who was there Monday night, who also there today.

He says that Whitaker is doing better and will have surgery on Monday. A team mom started a website for people to donate money to help pay for medical expenses.

They have raised around $700 dollars and their goal is $2,500 dollars. 

If you wish to help donate go to 

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