Anson Plans To Use 7-on-7 To Improve This Summer

Published 06/26 2013 05:28PM

Updated 06/26 2013 08:19PM

The Anson Tigers came out of no where to battle eventual state champion Stamford for the district crown in 2012, and they are looking to take the crown from the Bulldogs this year.

7-on-7 football is the tool the Tigers are using to close the gap. It's extra practice, and they get to play against bigger schools.

"We were really young last year. We had a lot of guy that it was their first time playing seven-on-seven. It was pretty new to us. It takes a little while to get used to it and get adjusted. Now this year in our second year, we've really became a lot more comfortable," said quarterback Jalen Garza.
"In seven-on-seven, bigger classification really isn't too much of a difference. The real big difference is the numbers. We have guys who play both ways the whole game and don't get a break. They have guys who can [substitute] in on offense and defense. They don't have to play the whole game, and might not be as tired as we are late in the game," said Garza.

The Tigers are one of the state ranked teams from the Big Country. They are picked behind Stamford by Texas Football Magazine.

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