Babe Laufenberg walk and talk with Sean Lee

August 13th, 2017 - Babe Laufenberg said, "When did Sean Lee know this football thing was for him? How old were you?"

Sean Lee said, "You know it was probably, really my first practice when I was 9 years old. I had played a lot of sports, and I loved the contact right off the bat."

Laufenberg said, "So you didn't come home saying, daddy the guy hit me."

Lee said, "No, and not only that is I loved playing defense right off the bat. Playing nose guard, playing all these positions, but when I hit somebody and tackled I liked it right away."

Laufenberg said, "This game passes quickly. One minute, Sean Lee's a promising young player, and the next you're on the wrong side of 31, so how did all that happen?"

Lee said,"It goes by fast. You know you don't realize all of a sudden you're 8 years in and how fast it can go, and that's why with the team we have this year, we have to find a way to take advantage of it. You know I look at Jason Witten who's 15 years in, and that's a guy who deserves a championship, so you know you think you're going to play forever, but you're really not, and you have to take advantage of every opportunity you have."

Laufenberg said, "I know obviously your team goal is to win a Super Bowl. What's an individual goal for Sean Lee? Where does he set his goals?"

Lee said, "Right now it's just to continue to play. I mean last year for me being able to stay healthy. Being able to play on a team that won the division and had a chance to play in the playoffs, that's something I've been longing for for a long time. I'm just blessed to play and blessed to be out here, and I want to be part of a great football team, and that's what we have, so that's my goal. Be part of this team as long as I can, and help us win."

Laufenberg said, "When opposing coaches put on that tape, and they do, and they look at number 50 on that Dallas defense, what do you want them to be saying about you?"

Lee said, "That he is always around the football. I always say that I either want to be hitting the football or when the tape zooms in, you see me in the picture, so that means I am constantly near that thing, and the more you get close to the football, the more plays you make, the more turnovers, the more impact you have on the football game."

Laufenberg said, "And when this whole football thing is finished, what's Sean Lee going to look back and say about it to his grandchildren?"

Lee said, "I say that I was blessed to play with an unbelievable organization, for a great owner, for great teammates and great coaches. When I had that chance, I did everything I could to take advantage of it."

Laufenberg said, "And you were reported on by great media."

Lee said, "Oh fantastic."

Laufenberg said, "Sean Lee thank you very much."

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