Bulldogs must pick themselves up

November 13, 2017 - The Wylie Bulldogs start the playoffs on Friday night, but they are not exactly sprinting into the postseason.

The Bulldogs lost to Stephenville last week. A loss that snapped Wylie's streak of 5 straight district championships. That's in the past now, and Decatur is waiting in the Bi-district championship game.

The Bulldogs have to find a way to pick themselves back up and get back to work.

Hugh Sandifer said, "Well I mean it's no different if you lose the second or third week of the season, or whenever, a loss is a loss. You try to learn from it. That's just the great thing about football and the team sport that it is is how do you respond to that, does it make you any better or do you just dwell on it, so I think our guys understand what we've got to do to be successful."

Anthony Guerrero said, "I mean we've got to learn from our mistakes and everything. We've got a lot of good stuff from our last game, but we had a lot of mistakes as well, so we're just learning from those and correcting everything that we did wrong and just seeing the big picture."

Wylie and Decatur play Friday night in Graham.

The Bulldogs won three of the last 4 meetings between the two schools, including two games in the playoffs. 

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