Bulldogs won't dwell on loss

September 25, 2017 - The Wylie Bulldogs got back to work today in an effort to rebound from last week's 56 to 7 loss to the Argyle Eagles.

Losses are hard to take even when they are in non-district, but you would think even harder to get past when it's by a margin like that. That got us to wondering. Do you want your players to forget about that loss entirely, or do you want them to not dwell on it, but remember what it felt like? Here's the answer.

Hugh Sandifer said, "We're going to move on, but yeah you've got to take it to heart a little bit and work to get better. We can all play better. We can coach better. We can do everything better, so you know that's the great thing about team sports."

Gatlin Martin said, "I mean I think you've got to do a little bit of both. You got to remember that you don't want to feel that feeling again because that wasn't very fun obviously."

Andrew Rodriguez said, "I think everyone remembers the loss, but we don't focus on the past, we worry about the present and what's going on now. Worry about this week and focusing on this game to get better, and not do that again."

Wylie gets a shot to put that one behind them in Brownwfield on Friday night.

The Bulldogs beat the Cubs 53-7 last year in Week 5.


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