Case Keenum makes huge impact on Wylie community

January 15, 2018 - Earlier Monday Brianne got the chance to talk with Case Keenum's former head coach, Hugh Sandifer who was thrilled to talk about Case.

They talked about his character and quarterback ability and just how fun it was to watch NFL players celebrate like high school kids.

Here's just a little more insight into the impact Case Keenum has here in the Big Country:

Former Wylie Bulldog Case Keenum has been in the NFL since 2013. Before that he led the Wylie Bulldogs to a state championship during the 2004-2005 season. Now, in 2018 this is why everyone's saying Case Keenum's name.

Hugh Sandifer said, "When I saw that the defender missed him, and he turned and ran, then here I am in Abilene, Texas telling the guy in Minnesota, go go! Run to the endzone!"

Sam King said, "I mean it was crazy. Like at first  I didn't really know what to do, and then I just lost it. I went crazy and started jumping up and down."

That sort of play isn't new for Keenum. In fact, he led the same sort of drive in the state championship game.

David Bacon said, "They scored on the last play of the game to win to bring home a title, so it was really neat to watch that. It was deja vu at least for me watching that game yesterday to see him do that yet again, so this was nothing new watching Case Keenum in action."

Sandifer said, "Seeing him in purple and gold that makes it that much better, but you know I think more than anything we're proud of the way Case is off the field as much as we are on the field."

It wouldn't be abnormal for a professional athlete to move on and not pay much attention to his high school or his roots, but not Case Keenum. He still comes around the Bulldogs and the athletes look up to him because Case didn't forget his roots.

Kyle Roberts said, "He's so down to earth too, and he's just there talking to you, and he doesn't act like he's some big time star, he just talks like just a normal guy."

Blayre O'Donald said, "It's just cool to see that you can actually do that. I mean a little West Texas town, and he goes up, and he's about to play for a championship."

So current athletes look up to him, and his former coach always believed in him.

Sandifer said, "I just sent him [a text] after the game a couple hours after the game that just said, Never a doubt."

Coach Sandifer was just beaming about Case when Brianne talked to him and went on to say that there's a lot of credit and recognition coming his way that he's deserved for a long time.


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