CHS Conversation:Coogs stay focused in adversity

November 21, 2017 - David Robinett said, "Coach Moebes, your guys played a really good game on Friday and beat a good Plainview team, but I understand they had to overcome a lot before they even got to the game in Frenship. Explain what happened."

Cooper head coach Todd Moebes said, "It's an unfortunate deal. We were about eight miles north of Snyder and had a tire blow in the charter that we were in. We got in touch of our transportation department. I was impressed with the help and assistance they gave us. We were just sitting there in a waiting game for the bus. We waited there on the side of the road, for like, 45 minutes. It altered our pregame time a little bit. The pregame meal was delivered to the stadium. They were about an hour late eating than they normally would be. All in all, it provided a lot of opportunity to be distracted and give some excuses to our players, and they didn't use any of them. They got focused and handled it professionally. I am real proud of them."

Robinett said, "You've got a bunch of high school guys, and their schedule has been completely blown away. That's hard for professional football players, or any other professional athlete to deal with. It seemed like your guys took care of business."

Moebes said, "They did. After the game, I talked to them about the things that they did really well and congratulated them and got them focused for what we have next week. I stopped and made a point that it made me almost emotional with they way they handled it. As a matter of fact, they handled it a lot better than I did."  


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