CHS Football: Conversation wtih Todd Moebes

Published 10/15 2013 10:46PM

Updated 10/15 2013 10:51PM

BCH Sports' Eric Boynton Catches up with Cooper head coach Todd Moebes to talk about the win over Midland High, and moving forward in district in this week's Tuesday Conversation.

Eric Boynton asked, "Coach Moebes, probably the most complete win of the season thus far on Friday night against Midland high. At least that's how it appeared on the outside. What did you're team do right on Friday that allowed them to be so dominant."

Todd Moebes said, "I think we did a good job of establishing the run, and being able to run the football. Defensively, we did a nice job being able to stop [Midland] but we were also able to create some turnovers. which created momentum for our football team. Then we were able to turn those turnovers into touchdowns. Keeping that momentum and being able to feed off that certainly helped us win."

Eric Boynton said, "It also seems like you have a lot of momentum with the current win streak. How do you keep that momentum going this week, and keep improving?"

Todd Moebes said, "You just got to keep working. We have the same practice schedule, we believe in our schedule. We believe in what we do and we've got to continue to get better at what we're doing. We haven't arrived. There's certainly a lot of room for improvement in all three phases of the game. We'll try to take the points that are strong and make them stronger, and turn our weaknesses into strengths."

Eric Boynton asked, "This week it's Amarillo Tascosa. They knocked off San Angelo Central last Friday night. Do you point out to your guys and say to them 'don't sleep on this team. They can be us. They can beat anybody in this district?'"

Todd Moebes said, "I think it certainly puts it in perspective. That's one thing that you tell yourself, and you tell everybody that anybody can beat anybody on any given Friday. Thats a fact. Everyone in this district is very tough, and you've got to bring your A  game. That's what makes it so hard, and so difficult, because it's difficult to keep bringing that back every single week."

The Cougars take on Amarillo Tascosa on Friday night at Shotwell Stadium.

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