CHS Football: Moebes Conversation w/Robinett

By David Robinett |

Published 10/29 2013 03:26PM

Updated 10/29 2013 08:21PM

David Robinett said, "Coach Moebes, talk a little bit about the game,a nd the frustration level that has come about because of a call that may or may not have been called."

Cooper head coach Todd Moebes said, "It was frustrating. The only thing we can control is how we play. We certainly gave them some good field position, and they made some plays offensively. You gotta give them credit. We didn't get off the field when we needed to defensively. It was back and forth."

Robinett said, "Even with the loss, you guys are back in the playoffs. I guess that makes it easier to take the loss?

Coach Moebes said, "It's exciting. You know, we certainly don't ever like to have the feeling that you had last week, but you certainly have some comfort level in knowing that these seniors have another opportunity to play another football game."

Robinett said, "Now Central is next. They are team that is playing some really good football. They've had 1 hiccup, but for the most part, they are scoring points by the bucket load, and they seem they are a really good team."

Coach Moebes said, "They are a tough opponent, but it's exactly what we need. You want to play in great atmosphere's against great competition, and they are certainly that. They are a well-rounded football team. They are very, very good in all phases of the game. They are scoring points by the bucket-load, and they're doing a great job of stopping people."

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