Coleman's question marks aren't a problem

August 8, 2017 - Getting in football shape with conditioning, introducing new guys to the Bluecat football system and more, that's what he Coleman Bluecats focus on at the beginning of the season.

John Elder said, "We're going to make sure that we know basic stuff. Both sides of the ball. You know, basic offense, defensive plays, getting all our younger kids bought into how to practice, how to stretch, how to come out in a routine."

Coleman was 9-4 in 2016. There are a lot of question marks this year, but that doesn't matter to these guys yet. They're just ready to play.

Trotter Harris said, "I mean it's awesome. I've always loved football, and I mean it's always exciting for me day one. I'm excited all the days to play football. Not just day one."

Coleman only has one or two starters returning on each side of the ball which means they've got a lot of positions to fill, but coach Elder says, it seems like every year they've had a key player, and of course he's moved on, and every year they've been just fine.

Elder said, "It seems every year we've lost some good football players, and we don't ever try to replace those players because you can't, but what we do is you fill in the kids that are going to step up and play next year."

Harris said, "We had a good team last year, and you know we're going to have a good team this year, so I mean we're going to have errors. We had a lot of errors last year, but I mean we're just going to have to work through all of our faults this year and just push through them."

With all of the unkowns around them, this Bluecat team has to come together to get the job done, but they don't think that's going to be a problem.

Elder said, "I want to see with this group a lot of unity. We've had a lot of teams that have been good athletes, and this team is not exactly going to be our biggest and strongest team, but I think as far as a whole goes, they can be unified and be different in their own way and win a lot of football games."

Denton Allen said, "Well I mean playing as a team gets us the farthest, and if we're selfish, I mean we can't go anwhere with being selfish."

The Bluecats expect to get out of this season what they put in it, and they plan to put in a lot of hard work.


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