Colorado riding four game winning streak

October 5th, 2017 - The Colorado Wolves are looking good after the first five games of the season with a 4-1 record. Mary Margaret went west down I-20 to check on Dan Gainey and his Wolves.

Markis Monroe said, "We're all in now, we're all on the same page, we just all believe in each other and we're always hard on each other and we're just looking forward to things in the future."

Last season, the Colorado Wolves won a total of 4 games. Now 5 games into this season, they're riding a 4 game winning streak, so what a difference a year makes.

Marcus Gutierrez said, "I just think there's a special bond there, it's a bond that I've never had with any other team that I've played with. I just think that's what keeps us together."

The Wolves are off to their best start since 2011, and coach Gainey can see the difference a couple of wins is doing to his team.

Dan Gainey said, "Last year we had a lot of young guys, we had a hard time winning games, I think at this time we were 1-4 and now we're 4-1, so the kids are all a lot happier, got a little pep about them so hopefully we'll just keep this thing rolling."

The Wolves are coming off a 20 point win over 2016 state finalist Iraan, a team that beat them 35-7 last season.

Leonard Williams said, "We're just learning from last year, we made a lot of mistakes. We lost a lot of good guys last year to injuries but we're just making up for it and just pushing hard and listening to the coaches and everything."

Monroe said, "We have a lot of heart this year, we have a lot harder work ethic, and we believe in each other more this year."

Colorado looks to go 5-1 when they travel to Reagan County on Friday.

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