Conversation with Defensive POY Dion Novil

December 13, 2016 - Brianne Welch said, "I'm here with our defensive player of the year, Wylie defensive lineman Dion Novil. Dion you've had a fantastic senior season, but what do you feel like has made you so dominant on the field this year?"

Dion Novil said, "One thing that's probably made me as dominant in the year is that I've grown to use my size as an advantage, kind of like, the guys that are smaller than me, or even like the same size  as me, I can take advantage of them because of my size,so I think the coaches help me get through the learning process of how to use my size as an advantage."

Brianne said, "And then the group as a whole. What's your favorite thing about playing with this defense?"

Dion said, "My favorite thing about playing with this defense is that, how excited like everybody on the defense gets when somebody makes a big play, and there's nothing that's greater than that honestly. That's probably the best part."

Brianne said, "And then one last thing, just how does it feel to be our Defensive Player of the Year?"

Dion said, "Oh man it's amazing. I'm blessed. I give all the glory to God too man."

Brianne said, "Thank you so much Dion. Congratulations and good luck at state this week. Dion Novil, our Defensive Player of the Year."

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