Cowboys Are Not Overconfident

David Robinett said, "The Dallas Cowboys getting ready to take on the Seattle Seahawks after winning their 1st game last week.  Week 2 is on Sunday. Mickey Spagnola with the Silver Star Nation joins us now. Mickey, tell me of the confidence of this football team right now. I know you usually get a boost when you win. Is that what's happening with the Cowboys this week?"

Mickey Spagnola says, "Yeah, I think they feel really good about themselves. I think their confidence, as you say, receives a boost not only winning the opener but where you won it. I wouldn't call it overconfidence. They've taken a pretty business like approach to preparing for the Seattle game. The realize that it's a long season, and you've got to put your head down and go forward."

David says, "And they also can't be too confident because they are going on the road to one of the toughest places in the NFL to play. Seattle has that 12th Man. It's a tough place to be. Talk about the challenge they face with Seattle this week."

Mickey says, "1 of the things you have to deal with is the amount of noise the people out in the Pacific Northwest create. So, what the Cowboys do preparing, they bring speakers out to the practice field, and when the offense is doing their session, they've got this loud noise, this crowd noise, it's just constant noise that they have to concentrate through while they're practicing the plays while they're on offense. So, that's 1 of the things that they prepare for."

David says, "Cowboys play on Sunday at 3:05pm."

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