Cowboys Prepare for Seahawks

The Dallas Cowboys returned to the ranch on Monday to begin preparations for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

While we were in the lockerroom for Silver Star Nation, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones passed through. He had this to say about the win and the upcoming game.

""Just the fact that we've had this break. It's kind of like a Thanksgiving break, that we have when we play in the middle of the week. Generally it gives you a chance to basically not just reflect, but to gather up . It helps with the needs that you have, and the injuries if you will," said Jones.

"It gives us a little more time with guys like McCray, guys like Jenkins. All of that is going to kind of pay off for us. We hope that he'll be in the lineup for us at Seattle," continued Jones. "I think the fact that we had a big game, that we had some challenging circumstances, and having that win will be very instrumental in terms of building off of it."

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