De Leon's dynamic duo making noise

November 28, 2017 - Combine Big Country star quarterback Kevin Yeager with move-in running back Anthony Rangel, and the result is dynamite.

Kevin Yeager said, "If you look at paper, we're 50/50 even. I mean he has 2000, I have 2000, and then we have so many threats outside, and it's just another year of offense under our belt."

Anthony Rangel said, "Where I came from, I didn't really do what we're doing here. I came from the outside running on the outside, and never really went downhill, but I like this a little more."

With the addition of Rangel, the Bearcat offense is even more balanced this year. Both he and Yeager have around 2,000 yards a piece. That makes this offense dangerous.

David Yeager said, "And now Anthony gives us that balance. Makes us harder to defend because we have good receivers and we get the ball on the perimeter, and then we have Anthony who can run it."

Kevin Yeager said, "Anthony he's, he helps us out a lot. I mean people have to worry about him. They have to worry about our skill guys, and so that's what makes our offense good."

It's one thing to have two star athletes play well together, and these two also get along.

David Yeager said, "They have a great raport. They really get along great, and Anthony is a competitor. Kevin is a competitor, and they have a good relationship."

Brianne Welch said, "The Bearcats defense is pretty impressive too. The most points againt them this season was 18 against Crawford, so with a solid defense and this dynamic duo, the Bearcats plan to give Mart all they can handle."

Rangel said, "They know a little bit of what they're going to get. I expect to just get on them quick. Try to score as much as we can as quick as we can."

Kevin Yeager said, "I think everybody's going to bring something from them and from us, so it'll be a big ole dog fight, but it'll be a good Friday night football game."

De Leon and Mart square off in Whitney Friday night at 7:30. In De Leon for Big Country homepage dot com sports, I'm Brianne Welch.


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