DeLeon's Yeager Is Making A Difference

November 30, 2016 - DeLeon lost just two games this year. One came when starting quarterback Kevin Yeager was out, well now he's back and making a noticeable difference for this team. Last week he had 236 total yards and two interceptions, and the Bearcats are very happy with his leadership.

David Yeager said, "I'm really really proud of Kevin. It's tough being a coach's kid, much less being a quarterback and the coach's kid. He's very mature. He has good leadership skills."

Ray Amaya said, "He makes plays when he has to, and it's good knowing that you have somebody back there that when one thing can't happen, he makes something positive happen."

Kevin Yeager said, "Our offense is a pick your poison. We have great skilled guys on the edges and a great line and a great running back, and so I'm just kind of out of the picture. They know I can give them the ball, but it's their job to make yards and score, so if they focus about them I know it's my job to make the plays."

David Yeager said, "If things start going south, he does a good job of keeping kids positive, and he makes plays."

Amaya said, "We all like to hang out with each other, go eat with each other and just got a good bond with each other."

Kevin Yeager said, "Knowing that the chemistry that we kind of have and that we've been here for four years or so, knowing that we can do this is pretty awesome  knowing that it's happening."

The Bearcats are set for a rematch with Crawford on Friday night. Crawford beat them 45-7 during the regular season and put them out of the playoffs last season, so they're ready for a little bit of redemption.

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