Dimba Twins Help ACU Attend Second WNIT

March 15th, 2017 - For the second straight year the ACU Wildcats will be heading to the WNIT, and a big part of their success on the court has been because of a set of twins. 

Brianne has the story about the Dimba sisters and their final year with ACU.

"You know coaching the Dimba's has been incredible," Julie Goodenough said. "They are the face of our team, the face of our program. If you know anything about ACU women's basketball, you know about Suzzy and Lizzy Dimba." 

In case you don't know, Suzzy and Lizzy Dimba are twin sisters from Lubbock, and have, as coach Goodenough said, become the face of ACU Women's basketball. 

"They're both selfless players," Alexis Mason said. "We're best friends off the court, and on the court that helps us. We have a lot of chemistry on the court, but yeah they're super fun to play with, dedicated and just super fun to be around."

Combined, the two have scored 278 points for the Wildcats since the 2015 season. Both have earned Southland Conference honors every single year. Suzzy earning first team honors this season. The two dominate on the court, and playing together is something they've always wanted to do.

"It's awesome. I love playing with her," Lizzy Dimba said. "I knew like coming into college that we wanted to play together, and I don't think I could do it without her, so it's been awesome."

The two are truly leaders for the Wildcats, and coach Goodenough loves the pizzaz they bring to the program.

Goodenough said, "They have these bigger than life personalities. They bring a lot of energy to everything that we do. It's been a blessing. It's been an honor to coach them."

And as twins, they seem to sense what the other is going to do on the court.

Lizzy Dimba said, "Sometimes I feel like I know what she's going to do, and she knows what I'm going to do, and we're really good about passing each other the ball, so that's really good."

Earlier this week the Cats found out they were going to the WNIT for the second straight year and face Oklahoma State.... The Dimbas? They're happy to continue playing for a little while longer.

Lizzy Dimba said, "Make the most out of getting to play with our teammates for the last few times, and getting to play for coach Goodenough."

And when players make such an impact on a program, they can't help but make an impact on their coach.

Goodenough said, "About Lizzy and Suzzy? Just everything. You know seeing them everyday. I love those kids."

ACU takes on Oklahoma State on Friday in the first round of the WNIT. That game starts at 7:00.

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