Diving into Comanche's historic playoff run

December 7th, 2017 - It's been 64 years since Comanche enjoyed the 4th round.

What do the kids think about their achievement? Brianne made the trip to find out.

The Comanche Indians are in the middle of a historic playoff run. They haven't been to the 4th round since all the way back in 1953. That's an incredibly long time, and right now they're just enjoying the ride.

"If you would have told us when we were little that this would have happened, I would have kind of believed it," Trevor Higginbotham said. "But now that it's all here it's just overwhelming, and it's just really great to be a part of this."

Why now? Why is this 2017 team so successful? Well quarterback Bronte Hermesmeyer says it has nothing to do with their size.

"I mean if you look at any of us out here, none of us are just monstrous or none of us are just breakaway speed, but we're fundamentally sound," Bronte Hermesmeyer said. "We do things the right way. We play the game the right way, and we just have this bond that's something that I've never been a part of."

"We're all like one unit. Everyone in this team is like extremely close, and I just think that's what's really carrying us this far," Higginbotham said.

The Indians are 12-1. Their only loss was to Cisco in week 3, but that loss didn't bring the team down, it sparked them.

"I think it hit in our minds, we do not want to lose again, and like each week it just kept getting better and better, and that's when we really know that we're really good and we can keep this going for a long time," Higginbotham said.

And they had a little pick me up  from Cisco head coach Brent West.

"He said, we just played Wall last week who's the number one team in the state, and y'all can play with them," Bronte Hermesmeyer said. "Y'all can hang with them, and that was a big confidence booster when he told us that, and since then we've been playing lights out."

"I think that was a pretty nice gesture for him to do that because it kind of gave us that little sense of hey we're getting close to where we need to be," head coach Stephen Hermesmeyer said.

Comanche isn't ready to be done yet. They've had a state championship in mind since day 1.

"We've always broke it out state champs on three. 1,2,3 state champs, and here we are only two wins away from  getting to play for one," Bronte Hermesmeyer said.

Brock is up next, and once again the Indians get a playoff game here in Abilene at Shotwell.

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