Eastland heads into second year under Morton

August 23rd, 2017 - Eastland head coach James Morton is in his second year with the Mavericks, and the players say it's a good start to year two.

Bryson Blackwell said, "Smoother definitely. The first year we were kind of iffy about it because we'd been getting new coaches, so it just feels good to have somebody stick with us for a little bit."

Bo Browning said, "Just know the plays better, and we know what to do."

Other than just getting all the kinks out and learning the system better, Morton says there's another aspect of this team that is making this year smoother already.

James Morton said, "The thing I see is we've got some really good senior leaders leading in a positive way."

Not to mention this is a fun group.

Morton said, "They are go getters. They're a lot of fun to coach. You know they're not little angels all the time, but that kind of makes it fun too as a coach because they do kind of keep you on your toes, but that's what makes it fun."

The Mavericks went 4-1 in district in 2016, and the guys have pinpointed some areas they want to fix.

Browning said, "Play the whole game instead of either playing the start or playing the last. We need to put it all together and do good the whole game."

Blackwell said, "When we'd get down, we'd kind of go down and out, but this year we've really focused on just picking ourselves up this year and going 1-0 like we've all talked about."

And to do that, Morton needs players who always want the ball.

Morton said, "When it gets tough. When it does hit the fan, being the guys that look forward to that rather than being the guys that try to hide from that "

Browning said, "When we're in tough situations, I feel like I can handle that situation, and when the ball comes to me I can execute."

Overall, after talking to coach Morton, you can tell that these seniors mean a lot to this year's program, and the entire team, they're just a group of go getters. 

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