Experienced Coogs leading new linemen

September 28th, 2017 - The Cougars offensive front didn't start from scratch this year, but two-thirds was replaced.

That left the teaching job to seniors Josh Elliott and Jacob Squyres.

Those two were tasked with getting a pair of sophomores and a junior ready for Class 5A varsity football. 

There was an adjustment period, but things are squared away as the Cougars head into their final non-district game of the year.

Josh Elliott said, "My job was to set the tone, set the role, basically. Show the young kids how it's done. We've got two sophomores coming up and a junior. They didn't really know the speed of it. They were used to playing slow ball. So we had to show them how to play fast ball."

Thomas Squyres said, "Starting in Spring ball we weren't very good. We weren't very sound in the little things. Now, were're doing a lot better. We've gotta have great chemistry, and we've got to trust each other to do our jobs." 

Cooper is headed way down south to Austin tomorrow for their final non-district game. The Cougars and Austin Bowie kick off at 7:30.

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