Anson Tigers Vs. Jim Ned

1 more Class 2A-1A game- Forsan and Jim Ned at Indian Stadium.

Early in the first quarter Forsan has control of the ball but Jim Ned takes control after a fumble.

This set the stage for Jim Ned's Tanner Locklear to pass the ball down field to Stoney McClure at the 20 yard line. Stoney takes it in for a touchdown bringing the Indians the first score of the night Jim Ned leading 7-0.

Later Tanner Locklear again this time he takes the ball down the field getting the Indians all the way up to the 17 yard line setting them up for a easy score.

Dylan Johnston delivers the ball across the lines taking the Indians up again. The score now 14-0 as the 1st quarter ends.

Jim Ned gets this one- barely- they take it 25-21.

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