Breckenridge Buckaroos Open Up District Play Against Godley

Going into Week 4, The Breckenridge Buckaroos are 2-2 on the season. This week they're opening up district play against an undefeated Godley team.

"Well, anytime you start the money games, especially when your on the road, or at home, it doesn't make any difference, but  those are the ones that count. This is obviously a big ballgame for us, and we know where we're headed and we know what they are all about, and we really try to concern ourselves more right now with what we're all about, " says Head Coach Steve Freeman.

"We're coming off two hard loses and we are just looking for a win and ready to bounce back," adds senior Stetson Marin, "Hopefully they are as ready as we are because we are going to bring it to them."

"Nothing really different because, you know, our loses aren't like regular loses, they were pretty close. Godly they are good, but we're going to come back, and hopefully its a good match. It's a great opportunity for us," says senior Daniel Acosta. 

Now Coach Freeman said this game isn't about numbers, that being 2-2 or undefeated doesn't matter. This game is going to set the bar for the rest of their district games this season.

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