Buckaroos Looking For Even More In 2011

The Breckenridge Buckaroos have a rich history, in a football town. And after a little bit of a lul the Buckaroos returned to the playoffs in their first year in 2-A last season...
After tasting some success in the 2010 season, the Breckenridge Buckaroos now know what it will take to get back there in 2011.

Breckenridge player Scotty Roberson says, "We got a winning taste and we got experience with playoffs. We know whatit feels like and everything, and we know what a winning team has to do to be sucessful."

Coach Steve Freeman added, "The group we had a year ago really set a good foundation and got us on track and these kids understand their responsibility to now pick up where they left off."
Breckenridge player:

Ryan Stoker said, "Everyone that played last year, we all started last year so we know what its like to be there and we want to be there again."

With so much experience coming back, expectations are high but no ones expectations are higher than the ones Breckenridge players and coaches have for themselves.

Coach Freeman said, "We never do put W's of L's on a board or whatever, you know that as the mark. Our expectation is about ourselves, to max ourselves out. To be able to max out individually and to be able to max out as a team, and in the end all that will take care of itself."

Stoker added, "It all starts up front and it ends up front, the Lineman baby. We're going to have to get it up front. Quarterbacks are looking good, everyone else is looking good, we're having good practices at two-a-days. We all know our plays from last year, and from the spring, we've been working in them, so we're looking good."

And while expectations are high for the regular season, coach Steve Freeman, says most of the pressure comes in the offseason. "If you feel pressure when you step on the field, then you probably didnt do what you should have done when you had time to do it."

The Bucaroos continue to work hard through two-a-days and one thing is for certain.They will be ready when kick-off comes in just under two weeks.

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