Mickey Spagnola Talks Cowboys With BCH Sports

David Robinett talks to DallasCowboys.com writer and Silver Star Nation reporter Mickey Spagnola about the Cowboys.

David Robinett said, "The Dallas Cowboys trying to recover from their 1st loss of the season. They went to Seattle and got beat.  Mickey Spagnola of the Silver Star Nation joins us know. Mickey, did you have any idea that they would be that flat?"

Mickey Spagnola said, "No, I certainly didn't. I thought it would be a tought game. I looked back to last year when the Seahawks came to Cowboys Stadium.  The Cowboys only won, 23-13. I just didn't think they would give up as many as they did. Obviously, when you spot a team 10 points on special teams in the 1st 2 minutes of the game it's very difficult to win."

David said, "Now I want to talk about referees, if we can. Last week was a really rough week for those guys in the stripes. The replacement referees had a tough time. How is this thing going to get settled?"

Mickey said, "When everybody and all the talk, and you could see during the game, the focus seems to be on the referees, and we know that's not a good thing.  We've got to come to a settlement with the referees to get the regular guys back and hopefully restore order to these games. What did we have last night, maybe, a 2 hour 1st half? I just don't think that's a good thing for the league."

The Cowboys host Tampa Bay on Sunday at Cowboys Stadium. That game kicks at noon.

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