Mickey's Take On Cowboys Loss To Seattle 27-7

All the optimism that the Cowboys created in their season opening victory against the New York Giants eleven days ago, go flattened here in Seattle in an avalanche of mistakes.

Dropped passes, fumbles, and physical injuries; the Cowboys just simply got beat up in their 27-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks at Century Link Field. Mickey's take on the game is that the Cowboys Physically got beaten in all three phases.

First, they got beat in Special Teams, then they got beat on the Offensive Line. Finally, in the second half, Marshawn Lynch beat them Defensively as the Seahawks rumbled to two scoring drives, 90 & 88 yards respectively.

The Cowboys had no answer for this, and the Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett said, "We just need to be more physical. We can't get dominated like that."

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