Realignment Day Is A Little Crazy

Once 9am hit, phones were ringing, coaches were texting and scrambling as they tried to build their schedules for 2012.

"Its really exciting, everyone looks forward to it, and then once it comes out everyone starts shuffling," Says Snyder Head Coach Chad Rogers, "Ive seen the Stock Market for the window looking in and it reminds me of what the stock market would be like being in the middle of it because everyone is yelling, need this week, need this week, need this game. People are playing who havent played before, people stay in your district, level your district so its exciting."

"Thats what really happening right now, coaches are scrambling for games, because people they have previously scheduled are in their district." adds Anson Heach Coach.

"You know I've done this long enough, you dont expect anything. You just come in here, look at your packet and start to go to work.

And go to work is exactly what they did. Every year realignment means the possibility of new teams or in the Anson Tigers case, a whole new class.

"It's going to be good for our kids and good for the town. We will be competing in a district with similar kids and similar size schools. Thats always a benefit when you arent playing guys who are twice the size of you."

For the Wylie Bulldogs and Coach Hugh Sandifer, their district changed slightly, but the competition remains high..

"I never thought I'd lose a scrimmage 230 miles away to become a district opponent, so going to Monahans is going to be some travelling for both of us. A tought district nothing changes. Youve got rivalries between Sweetwater and Snyder and us, and Big Spring so it will be a tough district." Says Wylie Head Coach Hugh Sandifer.

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